Concerned Professional Engineers raise their voices against Northern Gateway

We are an independent group of registered Professional Engineers who have spent two years analyzing the Northern Gateway project. We’ve found a number of problems with Enbridge’s risk calculations.”

So say the Concerned Professional Engineers, who have recently launched a website here:

These folks are the real deal. Follow the “about” links on the site, and you’ll see that one of them did a tour of Douglas Channel in a zodiac to see for themselves what the route’s like. I hope that people can see as well from the Cabinet chamber as this gentleman did from the zodiac — if the visibility is as good, Cabinet will surely decide not to approve the project.

This group supports resource extraction, but most emphatically not the Northern Gateway project as it is currently proposed. Lots of information on the site about tankers and oil spills from four engineers who together have more than 100 years experience in related areas.

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