Save Our Shores – Gabriola Action Group (SOS – Gabriola) is a group of Gabriolans committed to preventing oil pipelines and tankers in BC lands and waters.

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SOS is planning a big garage sale and outside fun day for Saturday, May 17. If you live on Gabriola or nearby and have some wonderful treasure we could sell, please let us know!

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  1. Lynda Boyd says:

    I have a 1958 picture of myself with next door friends: Ihor, Wally, Irene and Ann. In back of us are mounds of coal where we used to play. It got turned into a playground after gas came in. Ihor died at 50, Wally has 2 cancers and had a stroke which leaves him unable to communicate. He is waiting to die. The girls (now older women) all have feet and leg problems. I had a double-knee replacement in 2005, Irene had a knee replacement. She has a growth in the legs and suffers from a lot of pain. Ann goes to a podiatrist to help with her problem feet.
    Canada wants to ship coal off to Japan where children are already wearing masks. Over there they are trying to deal with pollution and here we are contributing to it.
    I don’t want coal mines set up at Fanny Bay. Neither do I want oil pipe lines. I am afraid to move up there.
    I realize that jobs are number one on the political agenda and up island people are moving but isn’t there a better way than poisoning the waters and the children? Thanks. Lynda Boyd

    • Mary W. says:

      Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Linda, and for sharing your experiences. Hearing of them certainly encourages me to remember the dangers of coal.

      I hope you’re familiar with the group Communities and Coal — like SOS, a grassroots organization dedicated to protecting the coast. In this case, the group includes people from White Rock to Texada, and they have a website:

  2. B. C. Handliner says:

    Wow! You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work!

  3. B. C. Handliner says:

    So, what’s up with SOS these days?

    • Mary W. says:

      We’re continuing to plan events — watch for the garage sale/fundraiser on the May long weekend — and many SOS members have applied to speak to the NEB about the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.

  4. Maureen Karagianis says:

    The term “socialism” came up at a recent meeting of SOS. Some were worried that it would give our group a bad name to be associated with anything that smacked of “socialism”.
    I would argue that the word “capitalism” is far more damning these days than “socialism”. It is unfettered capitalism that is taking society down a path that will ultimately threaten our survival. It fosters greed and hedonism. It gives status to the megalomaniacs that have the most stuff and the latest things.
    Whatever happened to the old fashioned values of frugality? Even if we stop the pipelines in BC our society will still be bent on accumulating stuff we don’t really need, stuff that requires petroleum or coal for its production.
    We need to foster values that our parents and grand-parents learned during the Depression of the 1930s. Live with the necessities, not niceties. After all there are countries that encourage social responsibilities, Denmark, Sweden, Norway to name a few. Are they miserable? Are they marching in the streets calling for more stuff?
    They are called “Social Democracies”. Canada needs to learn from them and stop being paranoid when the WORD comes up!

  5. Jean McLaren says:

    I agree with Maureen.

  6. Jean McLaren says:

    PS Happy International Womens Day. Look around our community. It is mostly the women that are the activists!!!! Jean

  7. Kristin says:

    Your comments really hit home, Maureen, making me reflect on the armload of cheap petrochemically-based plastic items I bought at Dollarama yesterday–made in China too. I’m against expansion of the Tar Sands, and yet I’m still adding to the problem. That fellow who said we are all “petro-junkies” was right.

  8. Jean McLaren says:

    The Rally went well on Saturday. close to 65 or 70. there were 5000 in Vancouver but that is the whole population of Gabriola. Good things are happening. the UN said oil pipelines are dangerous and should be stopped and Desmond Tutu also is opposed to them. now doesn’t that make you feel that perhaps the tide is turning. Jean

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